Types of Services

Traditional Service

This full service option includes embalming, the professional services with the funeral director and staff, viewing hours the evening before and prior to the service, and the funeral service at the funeral home or local church of your choice. This also includes a register book, memorial folders, acknowledgement cards, and a hearse. Your floral arrangements will be displayed along with other memorabilia that you may choose to provide

Memorial Service

This service option can be held at one of our chapels or at the location of your choice. 

Graveside Service

This service option is held at the burial site. 

Cremation Service

We are very proud to have our own crematorium. This includes a witnessing room to offer you the peace of mind and security for your loved one. With cremation you have all the choices that you have with a traditional burial. You may have a service at the funeral home, church, or graveside location. Cremated remains may be placed in an urn for final disposition. Options for burial include above ground entombment, scattering of remains, or permanent possession.

To learn more about cremation, please read our Cremation Facts.

Out of Town Arrangements

Our directors are licsended in other states, and we are specialists on shipping out of state, in state, and the whole world. We can help basically in any country that allows shipping of human remains.